Far From Ordinary

Ulbrichs’ Vietnam Fitness Adventure

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Kristopher & Alyx are an inspiring fitness duo, running  Ulbrich Fit and their fitness competition team, Team A to Z while staying active as athletes themselves. In order to continually grow and expand their knowledge they constantly challenge themselves athletically, while...

Costa Rica’s Medicine Man

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Don Cándito Morales is Costa Rica’s well known Medicine Man and Healer.  He comes from a long line of medicine men indigenous to Costa Rica and his ancestors have practised for over 5000 years. Along with his expertise in medicinal plants, his mission is to preserv...

Monica’s Costa Rican Adventure

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My husband and I run the Tierra de Suenos Wellness Centre in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We were inspired to invest in a property in Costa Rica to feed our passion for adventure, nature and getting back to something simple.  After travelling throughout this beautiful country our...

F.A.T’s New Year’s Health Advice

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Juicing: Fruit juice does not cut the risk of early death significantly. The higher sugar content of fruit is likely to counteract the other benefits. According to Peta Bee writing in the London Times, five portions of fruit contain 18-19 teaspoons of sugar. Just ten grapes or...