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Lynne Whelehan’s Porridge Power

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At Fitness Adventure Travel we believe that the most important meal of the day is the meal that you start with – Breakfast. You can compare your body to a car engine where you need the key to start the car, breakfast is the key to starting your body and your metabolism for...

Adventure in the French Alps

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Bonjour! Et Bonne Année Europe…Alps…wine…cuisine…Hiking…Yoga…stay in a French Chalet. Oui, Oui this is the trip I (Sarah Hoey) am planning. In fact I am taking a day off today from skiing in the Alps to write this. I am in the Swiss Alps teaching skiing to children and will be in...

New Year’s Resolution Solution

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Happy New Year F.A.T readers! I wholeheartedly wish you joy, happiness and success in 2015. Now let’s get down to the business of your New Year’s resolutions – how’s that going? Getting fit and losing weight is a common NY resolution many of us choose because we...

Scott Wright & Costa Rica

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I just wanted to take some time out to tell you about an amazing fitness opportunity I’m involved in… In April 2015 I’ll be flying out to Costa Rica in Central America. Our base will be the Tierra de Suenos Wellness Centre. The centre is surrounded by hundreds...

Costa Rica’s Medicine Man

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Don Cándito Morales is Costa Rica’s well known Medicine Man and Healer.  He comes from a long line of medicine men indigenous to Costa Rica and his ancestors have practised for over 5000 years. Along with his expertise in medicinal plants, his mission is to preserv...

Monica’s Costa Rican Adventure

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My husband and I run the Tierra de Suenos Wellness Centre in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We were inspired to invest in a property in Costa Rica to feed our passion for adventure, nature and getting back to something simple.  After travelling throughout this beautiful country our...

Surf & Yoga Adventure in Nicaragua

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Think about this… The bamboo ceiling fan rotating slowly as it blows lazy air onto your cheeks, letting you know that it’s time to merely start to think about waking up. You wake and sit up taking a deep breath into your lungs as your arms stretch overhead. You...

Ryan Phillips On Ecuador: A Fitness Adventure

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I was super excited to learn that I’d be heading up the Fitness Travel Adventure experience in Ecuador next April. I’ve never been to South America and this trip presents the prefect opportunity to not only experience the natural beauty of the continent but also to...

Moroccan Fitness Adventure, Day 5

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As I near the end of my time in Morocco, I wanted to talk about embracing health on your holiday. I hear over and over and over again how people don’t want to really workout on holiday, and I always wonder why. Yes, I am in the health profession and see the value of daily...

Preparing for High-Elevation: The Altitude Centre, with Tara Guerin

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This week, Fitness Adventure Travel has quizzed Tara Guerin, Performance Specialist at The Altitude Centre. Read on to learn why preparing for trips to altitude is the key to a safe and successful adventure of a lifetime....