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Monitoring your Health & Fitness Progress

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After our last blog on keeping to New Year’s Resolutions, we talked to Sian Thomas about her experiences: “Well my [New Year’s Resolution for 2015] was to lose weight as it always is… not doing so well as I have only lost 5 pounds so far. What keeps me going is having a Fitness...
Fitness New Years Resolutions

Have the Resolutions become a Revolution?

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February has arrived and here at Fitness Adventure Travel we are just contemplating which of our New Year Resolutions we are still sticking to.  Robert was keen to get back to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and has restarted this week with a vengeance.  Christine promised herself that...
Fitness Adventure Travel Healthy Breakfast

Lynne Whelehan’s Porridge Power

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At Fitness Adventure Travel we believe that the most important meal of the day is the meal that you start with – Breakfast. You can compare your body to a car engine where you need the key to start the car, breakfast is the key to starting your body and your metabolism for...

The Benefits of Exercise Snacking

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Exercise snacking can reduce the harm done by long periods of sitting still. Many of us are working in sedentary occupations requiring us to stay seated at our desks for most of the working day. Many people who work in offices say that they are too busy to exercise. Interestingly...

New Year’s Resolution Solution

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Happy New Year F.A.T readers! I wholeheartedly wish you joy, happiness and success in 2015. Now let’s get down to the business of your New Year’s resolutions – how’s that going? Getting fit and losing weight is a common NY resolution many of us choose because we...

F.A.T’s New Year’s Health Advice

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Juicing: Fruit juice does not cut the risk of early death significantly. The higher sugar content of fruit is likely to counteract the other benefits. According to Peta Bee writing in the London Times, five portions of fruit contain 18-19 teaspoons of sugar. Just ten grapes or...

The Importance of Spirulina

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Even though I have always been a naturally athletic, muscular guy who was the first to order the largest slab of meat available, when I began my journey of vegetarianism 2 months ago, I didn’t quite understand how challenging it would be.  Around that same time I began to mediate...

Hope for a Pain-Free Future

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Have you heard? There is hope for a pain-free future! Scientists are developing an alternative to morphine from the venom of marine cone snails. Unlike with morphine, the peptides derived from these snails are not addictive, so patients don’t develop a tolerance and they don’t...

Our Top 10 Sleep Tips

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In light of recent festivities—from Diwali to the late-night trick-or-treaters of Halloween—it’s likely most of you have had trouble falling asleep. After all, with the holidays come the fireworks, the loud noises, and the party goers confidently making their way home after a...

Confusions and Contradictions Relating to Fatty Foods

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It’s a common conception that fat in your food is bad for you. At least, that’s how it’s always been branded. Look no further than the local supermarket for proof, with its countless ‘low fat’ options labelled as ‘healthy‘ alternatives to...