Far From Ordinary

Hope for a Pain-Free Future

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Have you heard? There is hope for a pain-free future! Scientists are developing an alternative to morphine from the venom of marine cone snails. Unlike with morphine, the peptides derived from these snails are not addictive, so patients don’t develop a tolerance and they don’t...

Confusions and Contradictions Relating to Fatty Foods

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It’s a common conception that fat in your food is bad for you. At least, that’s how it’s always been branded. Look no further than the local supermarket for proof, with its countless ‘low fat’ options labelled as ‘healthy‘ alternatives to...

Check out Chinese Medicine

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Obesity rates in US have hit an all-time high with one in three people considered to be obese. In Australia, more than half are overweight or obese, and similarly in the UK, with Ireland having the lowest levels of obesity in the Anglo-sphere. Likely knock-on effects of being...